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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a stuck at live look outside. a little cloudy out there. of course we are seeing some bricks of sunshine. taking a look at the east bay forecast is pretty it forecast. we stand up to 20 to 30 winds up near
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the delta. the cause of return. as we continue to track a hot spot for your ride around the bay area if the volume is building on interstate 580. the headlights of north bound to what the creek. at the sock found right heading down towards the dublin interchange. light traffic with a 16 minute ride time. 4 looking at generally light traffic fell one the interstate 583 the south bay freeways are carried on for rita 28085 of trouble-free.
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in developing story the search for a man who attacked a an elderly woman of three double plays try to track down a man after a robbery and a parking lot. >>: please tell me that the suspect did not have it listed address for him, but they tell us they know who they're looking for it's just a matter of finding him 3 here's a picture of the suspect. 280 james hardy 5 1/7 inches tall and weighing about 170 lbs.. elsewhere in a police say he is the man who carjacked and 89 year- old woman sunday afternoon and the cvs parking lot just before 2:00. police say the woman came to pick up madison on the 10,000 block when harvey allegedly confronted her and she returned to her car. authorities said he punched her and pulled her from the
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car and then stole her 1992 toyota camry the woman sustained broken ribs and a broken collar bone of but is expected to survive. please have a warrant out for war to rest including carjacking and elder increase in grave bodily injury list of they have not found her car. a white 1992 to of a camera with a license plate number to z in r 2913 police say to our target is >>: we now know that one of those soldiers killed in afghanistan possibly by friendly fire is not far from the bay area. since the matter of time very the department of defense
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>>: police are investigating a shooting at an oregon high school that left two dead and a teacher injured. president obama reacting to the oregon school shooting. this is what he had to say about gun violence. i mean, our levels of gun violence are off the charts. there is no advanced, developed country on earth that would put up with this.
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law enforcement officials have identified the gunman as 4-year-old emilio hoffman, a freshman at reynolds high school. they say it appears that he died from a self-inflicted wound. meantime, the gunman who killed one student and wounded two others last week on a university campus in seattle has been charged with first- degree murder, attempted murder and assault. prosecutors say, aaron ybarra had stopped taking his medications because he --quote-- "wanted to feel the hate." they also say he wrote in a journal. --quote-- "i just want people to die, and i'm gonna die with them!" there have now been 74- school shootings since the december 2012 massacre at newtown, connecticut. here they are-- on this map. it was made by the group
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called - "everytown for gun safety" -- a group fighting to end gun violence. the red dots represent elementary or high schools. the yellow dots -- colleges. the list of 74. includes last year's homicide of an 18- year old found shot on the campus of hillside elementary school in san leandro, but does not include last month's isla vista rampage. which happened *near the u-c- santa barbara campus. today, defense secretary chuck hagel becomes the first obama administration official to publicly testify about the controversial prisoner swap with the taliban. he'll be grilled by lawmakers with the house armed services committee. the panel is investigating the deal that allowed for the release of army sgt.
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comeback to a kron4 morning news. the time is 609 the chp has not yet cleared the lanes here in san francisco
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north bound at allegheny. the accident they hope will be gone by six the they now say could be out of there by 630. it is on the right a bit and northbound direction to steal it is clear i still think we're going to be okay >>darya: 16 right now the top stories on kron4 dot com a doctor accused of 16 during surgery. anesthesiologists who worked as a seattle hospital investigators say he is since sexually explicit text messages including a self the and operating room with his pants pulled down next to an unconscious patients. you can get more on that story by clicking on are trending link at the top of the kron4 home page. and this one also getting a lot closer on the website a strange story texas woman sentenced to 85 days in jail for pretended to be 15 years old have been mistakes
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and other red meats may increase your risk for breast cancer that's because what they found in a new study at harvard researchers found that women in developed countries where people eat more of red meat have about its 12% greater chance of getting breast cancer which is just a little higher than women who have planned based diets details on how the study was done and more on what is found on our web site on kron4 dot, now. still much more ahead on the kron4 morning news a 617 a shopper in a shocker in the virginia primary and 619 were going to tell you how new study might help you decide the next then approve next place to remove your old family
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nature valley crunchy granola bars contain 1/3 of your daily whole grains, so 1/3 of this commercial is dedicated to what you could do with all that energy. 1/3 of your daily whole grains means energy to make some new ocean friends. nature valley crunchy granola bars. center rows of 57 degrees. we're also starting to see a few bricks of sunshine. but
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with the deep or railway remains it's pretty overcast for much of the bay area. in addition to cloud cover also dealing with pretty gusty conditions. fairfield reporting spent wednesday that 25 mi. an hour. for tim allen are wynton half moon bay 12 out the door in oakland it will be breezy throughout the bay but the wind will start to die down during the afternoon after temperatures futurecast 4 shows 60s in to the 9:00 hour will start to see some 70 struggle in violence time and a look from a listening skies but cooler afternoon. in fact i think only a few locations will reach the low 80s. speaking of '80s expect that an evergreen mountain view a high of 72 grid will see similar conditions developed in the east bay. check out fare fill the 773 temperatures mainly in the 60s along the east bay shoreline. san francisco to a high of 62. 70 in about 03 o'clock look for a high of 66 degrees. your extended forecasts of colder weather into tomorrow but temperatures become back as
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we head into saturday and sunday. 4615 this took a look at the rose now the morning george. >>: good morning we're checking a couple incidents of this one could come become a hot spot the rich december fell bridge were an accident has been reported now in the westbound direction pass the toll plaza could be on here in the vicinity of its debt. so far the center not indicating any backups in this direction but able the feeling is blocked is their only to is there that could be a problem. if they do have shoulder on the rich and san rafael bridge so it can be moved there for that to say folks a lot of time. and still waiting for cleanup operations to finish here north bound to 80 in san francisco elementary boulevard where the left glove plans are blocked three an accident that occurred there also resulted in a spill in the broadway creek and that has to be cleaned up. it's expected by the chp that that should be wrapped up within the next 15 minutes there's a minor delay past the scene. let's
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take a look at your ride at the bay bridge and the westbound direction. traffic of filling in pretty quickly now that the metering lights have been active for half an hour. the drive time approaching 90 minutes coming from 580 westbound grid and for 90 to the san mateo bridge. already loading up pretty heavily here in the westbound direction but the drive times are still holding at about 15 minutes. in this year heading to the golden gate bridge through marin county and easy ride for oneself bound to it or problem free from the walled old gray to the toll plaza. >>darya: thanks a lot george 3617 and there's been a major political upset in virginia. the gop primary majority leader erich can't either the no. 2 republican in the house of representatives has lost his seat in congress. economics professor and tea party republican david brandt be tempered he challenged the house majority leader in tuesday's primary. pratt underfunded campaign and took on cancer in the
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richmond area district clammy kantor had abandoned his conservative principles on issues such as immigration. kantor is out of breath is in. >>: moments after kantor gave a successes speech the headquarters got a little broth through a group of demonstrators stormed in and were calling for immigrants to reform. pushing their way and at the westin hotel very deep into some of them getting physical. the group called caused a ruckus that it other sites tweeting all results as well. of nasa is
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getting ready to launch a flying saucer into the sky today. it's all the test new technology that could be used to land on mars. this in new you won't be able to
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pre order any dvd is by movie studio warner brothers' right now on amazon. there's a power move right now over how much of a cut the online retailer gets from those sales. amazon has turned off of pre order function as its looking to raise pressure now on warner brothers during these negotiations. this is just the latest amazon stand off with a supplier for the past
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an eye on wall street this morning as we take a look of some of the numbers and the premarket hours. everyone is down across the board. s&p nasdaq and the dow down and fax 66 points ahead of the opening bell which to bring in about 4 minutes 3 here's how the market finished yesterday agreed that some gains and not much. plant- closing the nasdaq finished as a fraction down. and was it rego. angst of the opening bell rings.
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we are back is coming up on 630 momma's away from the ranking of opening bell. winning streak came to an end yesterday when we had some minor losses. also began picking up just a little bit premarket hours we saw-trading was see what happens. don't forget with our financial expert talk about winners and losers on wall street. there's the
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back >>: the days getting under way and to cool star. i guess will save a little bit. by tomorrow and a vehicle a state of the week. but look at the shock and san francisco. distillate with a deeper murray later. so that means the extent of crop cover bay area wide in addition to that call cover we do have some pretty gus the lancet about 30 mi. an hour after temperatures you can take that clout and mild conditions san francisco 56 degrees 58 leaving the house in fairfield upper 50s even now toward the livermore valley and oakland very mild as 61 degrees. a look at the south bay forecast was a cooler conditions into the afternoon temperatures in the mid-70s and low 80s and we will see the return of the cloud cover with patchy fog over night. we do have some changes for the
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rest of the bay area up of the printing down that coming up in 50 minutes. right now is george. if thanks erica some of the slowing traffic we're talking this morning at your ride to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are activated. now before 6:00 we are only accepted the macarthur maze. we're still checking an incident on the freeways in san francisco 3280 north bound at lme crews have not yet cleared the same of this bill of oil that resulted to that occurred in the left lanes of 280 north bound at allegheny still just a little sluggish at the same.
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if a better news for the rich and san rafael bridge westbound accident. you would not see moving forward. is the six-foot dauphin that the store is in trouble with san francisco for putting it out in the first place for impeding pedestrian to the store is working with investigators briefed the update this morning is the ball started rolling right after people found out about the death and now this morning we are seeing a $20,000.60 being donated to the family for funeral expenses as well as other things that they need your read tears a picture of case in shelton. only 2 years old critic and his family were in san francisco last friday toward fisherman's world. he was
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with siblings. the parents were not fully paying attention. just relying on the siblings to help out and then to year-old casing climbed on top of the six- foot dauphin. the dolphin toppled over on top of him. the russian to the hospital off and then he later dies. they could not save his life. and since then san franciscans to people all over the world have donated so much money thrift madison the form of cash but did this. because case of love the blanket. people are donating the blankets and his name to project night tonight. the point of will go to homeless children in san francisco on behalf of cason. tsk thought a bad
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play but makes up for attack jackson to end game two of
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july 11th until july 21st. we're still pay well over $4. for a little silver lining because up gas prices are going down for the first time in a long time. and it's really unusual to see prices go down this time of year because usually we would see prices increase off because of the drummers that dry summer heat but we are seeing prices go down pretty significantly actually. if the national average is at $4 or $3.64.
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the california average of thought $4.10. still the second-highest in the entire country but it is down unmindful cents. and the last 30 days which is great news. san francisco is a 423. san francisco still the highest. almost an entire country. oakland at 411311 of good news 3 or repay less of the pump? invested there's an abundance of supply right now grid of the refineries are working
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640 and a kron4 morning news a quick traffic check for you. all lanes cleared as 280 north bound at alamein in or a minor accident occurred netted this bill some diesel some oil on the roadways. they have the left lane closed. while that will was picked up. of all lanes are open now. >>darya: 640 right now homeowners and berkeley and ocean view are fed up and they're desperate for a change. and they say toxic fails for decades. an asphalt plant has been demanding films for as long as residents can remember. back in 99 said there was an agreement where they would cut down on emissions but
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neighbors said the plant never stuck to the bill. liven the weather center had not caught
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is it over to the weather center. >>erica: right now dealing with pretty mild conditions through the guess it's a little cloudy and yes it's very windy on the delta of the temperatures are too bad so you're not going to need a heavy jacket. the golden gate bridges if we were under clear conditions we would be dealt with temperatures and for the secretive looks like the wind is strongest among the delta. fairfield reporting 12 mi. an hour winds. wind really not a factor throughout the rest of the bay area. when will die down
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as we head into the afternoon and temperatures will be cooler the well experienced yesterday. heading into the 9:00 hour expect the mainly 60s which dominates the screen by lunch time partly cloudy conditions. 60s poseidon '70s throughout the bay and it looks like we could get a few low 80s by 3 this afternoon. broken-down those guys in their neighborhood. santa clara 7680 degrees in the autumn of valley. similar weather pattern and east bay take a look at fairfield. now but hitting a high of 73. we will continue with this cooler has ahead to tomorrow. 645. >>george: your san mateo
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bridge ride in the highland and international lending problems yet but already it, and thoth hold up traffic through the drive time over, 40 minutes in the drive time getting longer. an accident on 238 it's in this direction. and not a commute direction just past 880. of
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ahead 647 a california judge deals a devastating blow to the public teachers and this date in a ruling yesterday the l.a. county judge struck down teacher tenure. as unconstitutional. the judge says the regulations are students especially poor students by sticking them with bad teachers who are virtually impossible to a fire. the california teachers ian and is promising to appeal this ruling. however some teachers do agree with the judge and believe the current system is not working because it's too hard to get rid of bad teachers. >>: if you're not putting your heart's in it in your tenure and you're just tired
6:48 am
collecting a paycheck don't do this to our kids. >>: school districts have the ability to get rid of bad teachers 3 it's part of a process where we need to raise achievement in california. worth about him. of the attorney reason the nsf is confident the court of appeals overturned relented and he says it's not there will be a devastating impact on legislation. later this morning of raymond it struck boy child is expected in its efforts as go courtroom. it's a bail hearing set for 930 this morning. chiles faces charges of money- laundering and conspiracy to sell stolen liquor and cigarettes. he was arrested on march 26th during an fbi raid in connection with an investigation into official corruption by state senator plenty >>: gump young boy is seriously injured after police say he was play with illegal fireworks, i was
6:49 am
the first one who took the of the house. i took my shirt off. i said he cut itself a knife out of town and there were no hands. his fans were blown off. and then there was a fire and try and do everything i can to put out a fire. people or fainting. romero says the blast knocked the screens over several homes. the boy's father who is not been identified and was booked and the county jail for those illegal fires. >>: on the eve of the world cup safety concerns are still a big issue and rio de janeiro. it was just a month ago when brazilian forces began clearing out crime-
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ridden shantytowns that are among the most dangerous areas of real. the bay area sports asa very strange baby
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names especially from celebrities will warm woman in alaska wants to change her daughter's middle name to off some. she was to
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change her kids middle name to awesome. at least a florence is the mom. she told her daughter right there. at the given name is county of. and they said they think that the last minute and their son he won his baby sister's name the danger. >>: what i love this may be of mother is this. those are the most awesome as ever. a map it's serious. the most awesome as ever. a map it's serious. >>: we will be right back. when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting.
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